Hiatus Christmas Vacation @ the Business Expo Center

The Business Expo Center in Anaheim was filled with holiday cheer as the band Hiatus took the stage for a special Christmas-themed performance. Hiatus is made up of a group of professional studio musicians who formed a tight-knit bond while performing at a theme park.

The event was a festive affair, with the venue adorned with twinkling lights and holiday decor. The audience was filled with excited fans of Hiatus, eagerly awaiting the band’s unique blend of electronic beats and live instrumentation. And they were not disappointed.

The setlist included classic Christmas tunes and original compositions, all infused with Hiatus’s unique style. The band’s music got the crowd up and dancing, and there was plenty of singing along to the familiar tunes. Hiatus also shared personal stories and anecdotes in between songs, bringing a sense of community to the event.

Overall, the Hiatus Christmas performance at the Business Expo Center was a memorable night. The band’s infectious energy, combined with their unique sound and sense of community, made for an unforgettable holiday experience. Fans and newcomers alike left the event feeling full of holiday cheer and appreciation for great music.

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