Caterer of the Month: Melrose Catering

Earlier this month, we at Business Expo Center celebrated Melrose Catering as our Caterer of the Month! With over 26 years of cooking culturally diverse dishes perfect for weddings and company gatherings, Melrose Catering serves food with the importance of bringing friends and families together for their celebration at our venue. As we shine the spotlight on Melrose Catering, here are a few things that make them special.

Melrose Catering’s Unforgettable Food

Crostini with tomato chutney, crumbled gorgonzola, caramelized onions, and honey on top. A perfect appetizer!

Melrose Catering specializes in crafting cuisines from around the world. This is thanks to Executive Chef Nour Zitouni’s influence by European and Middle Eastern dishes. He also specializes in more internationally diverse cooking from Moroccan to Mexican and Italian to Jamaican.

Melrose Catering also offers a vegan menu that is just as culturally mixed as their main menu. Past customers raved over how delicious the vegan option is. Some customers never told their guests that they were serving vegan food. Non-vegan guests couldn’t tell it was vegan and thought it was tasty and a highlight of the event.

The options don’t end there. If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, they will make any necessary adjustments to your meal to fit your needs. Melrose Catering aims to give you a memorable eating experience that your guests can’t stop gushing over.

Click here to view their wide range of menu options.

Bonding Over Catering Food

Prosciutto wrapped asparagus is one of many cold appetizers from Melrose Catering

Having a wide option of global dishes to choose from is the perfect way to break the ice. During weddings, we’ve all had awkward interactions with relatives or past friends we haven’t spoken to since the last gathering. Talking about the food you are eating is a good way to break through the awkwardness, especially when the dish has cultural relevance and an unforgettable tang that will have your taste buds telling everyone how delicious the food is.

Since 1994, Melrose Catering continues to blossom and serve flavorful dishes that bring families and friends together. They are committed to bringing you the best experience at your special event here at the Business Expo Center. If you are planning on having a gathering soon, book with us today and request Melrose Catering to serve you. We also have a variety of other caterers who work with us. Click here to see them all. Outside caterers are also welcome.

Melrose Catering’s wide selection of culturally diverse cuisines

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